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Welcome to Audlen House
Day Nursery & Pre-School

Our Story

Audlen House is an outstanding day nursery and pre-school in Thatcham. Opening in 2002, it is one of Thatcham's longstanding day nursery, pre-school and childcare settings. We cater for children from birth to five years old between the hours of 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. We also have the luxury of offering term time only or all year round sessions to meet the needs of parents as well as a holiday club for school aged children.

Guiding Principles

We strongly believe in the following guiding principles of early years which are embedded in our nursery and pre-school ethos: "A Unique Child", "Positive Relationships", "Enabling Environments" & "Learning and Development". At Audlen House Day Nursery we support each child and their family to enable children to reach their full potential.

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We don't just provide childcare...

We offer structured and engaging sessions. We don’t just provide you with childcare, we also help your child develop and learn. All our children have set age group based playrooms which enables us to support their development needs most effectively as the rooms and resources cater for their specific age and stage.  Cared for by a team of well experienced, paediatric first aid trained and appropriately checked staff, you can trust that your child is safe and secure too. 

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Further Information

We encourage children to learn through multiple avenues, guided by thorough assessment and a safe environment.


Sessions we offer

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We offer a an array of sessions on an all year round basis or term time only basis.

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Our playrooms

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We cater to children from birth to five years old, split into three age appropriate learning groups.


We provide a learning environment in which the babies and children are happy, cared for and given a wide range of activities suited to their individual developmental stages and needs. Within our day care and pre-school we strongly believe in parent partnerships to promote the best outcomes for your children.  We use an online learning journal 'tapestry' to be able to share updates about your child's progress and development in a secure way that only you can access; you can also share things on there too!

15 or 30 Hours Free Education Entitlement for two three and four year olds

Audlen House Day Nursery have spaces for children who are eligible for two year Free Education Entitlement. If you think you may be eligible and would like further information or help please call us. The term after children turn three, they are automatically eligible for 15 hours Free Education Entitlement (FEE). If you would like to know how you can claim the FEE at Audlen House Day Nursery and Pre-school then give us a call and we'll happily explain it to you. Some children are eligible for 30 hours free education which we offer at Audlen House.

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